Fuwo RZ1354

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Product Features

1. 16+16 gear transmission, and the strengthened chassis can provide a reliable strength and a reasonable velocity configuration, and can meet the various operating needs;
2. U.S. ACTUANT combination instruments are optional;
3. Germany STABILUS hood gas spring has a high reliability (second-generation hood);
4. EC, EPA and GOST certification models are available.
Fuwo RZ1354

Commodity details

Technical parameters
Drive type 4*4
Overall dimension(L * W * H) 5250*2200*3030
Wheelbase (mm) 2688
Track(front/rear) 1900/1750
Track(front/rear) regulating method adjustable /step
Min.Ground clearance(mm) 400
Min.operating weight (without cab)(kg) 6600
Min.operating weight (without cab)(kg) 7460
Counterweight (max)(front/rear) 780/480
Gears(forward/reverse/creeper) 16*16
Theoretical speed of each gear(forward/reverse) 12.18-34.03/2.55-25.33
Engine type In-line, four-stroke
Intake mode Natural intake
Cylinder number 6
Bore 100
Stroke 185
Displacement(L) 7
Engine rated power kW@rpm 46
Rated speed 2200/2400
Type of air cleaner Dry or wet type
Type of cooling system Forced water-cooled
Max. Torque@ revolving speed (rpm) 488@1500~1700
Specific fuel consumption rate at rated conditions(g/Kw.h) ≤248
Fuel tank capacity (L) 320
Steering brake system
Steering brake system Hydraulic
Type of steering gear Cycloid orbitrol steering gear
Type of braking system Dry type or disc type
Transmission system
Clutch type Dry/double action
Gearbox type Two-axis mechanical gearbox
Gearbox shift mode Shift sleeve
Type of central transmission Spiral bevel gear type
Final transmission mode(front/rear) External gearing or built-in type
Walking system
Frame type Frameless
Tire Model (front/rear) 14.9-28/18.4-38
Working device
Type of hydraulic suspension system Open-center, semi-separated or separated type
Type of linkage Three point rear linkage
Linkage classes ClassⅡ
Lift capacity(610mm point))kN Ordinary Riser≥28
Regulating mode Semi-separated lifter: force and position combination control; separated lifter:depth control and floating control
Type of PTO shaft Rear semi-detached/rear detached type
The number of PTO shaft splines 6 splines/8splines
Outer diameter of PTO shaft spline φ35/φ38
PTO shaft speed 540/1000 
Hydraulic system
Hydraulic output flow (L/min) 80
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